Coaching Contract

Client name: __________________________________

This agreement, between Life Coach Dan Murphy, and the above named client, will begin on ____________, and will continue for a period of ___________ weeks, ending on___________.

Coaching sessions shall take place once weekly. Additional sessions may be added by the client, at the agreed-upon fee, listed below.


The fee for the initial meeting is $0.00, and the fee for subsequent meetings is $50.00, payable at the end of each coaching session. Accepted means of payment are cash, check and PayPal.  Coaching sessions will be scheduled for 60 minutes. Both parties agree to give 24 hours notice in the event a session must be cancelled.


Services provided by the Coach may be in person, by telephone, or other electronic means, as agreed to by the client. Coaching sessions conducted through any electronic means must be paid for prior to the beginning of any such session.


Coaching subjects may address specific personal projects, business success, or other general conditions. Coaching services may include clarification, brainstorming, setting goals, identifying plans of action, and making empowering requests or suggestions for action.


The Coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. The client understands that successful coaching requires a collaborative approach, but it is the client’s responsibility to bring about the actual sought-after change.


Mental Health

The client agrees to disclose any current or past mental health treatment, and the Coach agrees not to engage in the treatment of any mental health issue. The Coach agrees to coach within the limits of his area of expertise. Should the client make known any mental health difficulties during the course of coaching, the Coach shall make a referral to an appropriate mental health professional.



It is understood that all matters, papers and conversations between Coach and client are deemed to be confidential. The Coach agrees not to disclose the subject matter or details of any information to any party, unless there is reason to believe that the client represents a harm to himself or others.


The parties agree to provide each other with 2 week’s notice in the event that either party wishes to end the coaching arrangement. Otherwise, the coaching will continue for the duration of the contract period.


_________________________________        ________________

Client Signature                                      Date



__________________________________      ________________

Coach Signature                                       Date